Come, have a look

This is a visual list of birds I have seen. I am not a bird watcher but I watch birds. Many were taken around my feeder but there are some from other places including a small lake south of Columbus and the Scioto Audubon Park near downtown Columbus where there are a many birds.
View from my Window
The May 2016 issue of Popular Photography had an article “Revolving Skies” in the Share section about a person who captured the sunsets from his apartment window. The apartment is located in Astoria, Queens so the view was the New York City skyline. The pictures were of the same scene but showing the vastly different image of the sun sets, cloud arrangements and night shots depending on weather and conditions. My Balcony project at my apartment in Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber is similar but I use different views that include sun sets, a few sun rises, neighboring apartments, a dome of a nearby church, some birds on a roof, pigeons circling the parking lot and a few others. Depending on your location there may be many interesting things going on just outside your window. Have fun!
Garden Walk
My garden is a virtual garden. I don’t have a green thumb but I appreciate the beauty of nature, both cultivated and wild. I'm especially attracted to growth that may be past its prime. Also things that are in use by other members of nature, covered in webs or crawling with bugs. It is all part of nature's diversity and rebirth.
Salt & Pepper
I once complained that I couldn't tell which shaker contained salt and which had pepper. Since then I began receiving gifts of S&P shakers. Some easily reveal their contents and others do not. Fun to guess. Since running out of space to store shakers I now collect "virtual" S&P shakers by camera.
The stones and rocks in these pages represent a collection developed over several years, mostly while fishing at Deschenes Lake in Ontario. Some are gifts that friends or family picked up in travel to other locations but they all represent places of meaning. Many were picked up in travel to or from Deschenes and represent landmarks of that travel.
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